Saturday 18 August 2018 :: 7 Elul 5778
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B'nei Mitzvah

Mazal Tov! If you are reading this page, we assume you or someone in your family will soon become B'nei Mitzvah, ready to embark on a wonderful journey of learning, exploration and spiritual growth.

A child's B'nei Mitzvah is one of the most important religious milestones in your family life. It is a rewarding period, full of work, study, reflection, mitzvot, and many decisions.

Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue B'nei Mitzvah program aims to include your entire family in the preparations for this special occasion and make it a wonderful learning experience for all.

When, after many months of study, dedication and achievement, the young members of our community are welcomed into adulthood during their B'nei Mitzvah ceremony, it is a joyous occasion for the family and the entire congregation. This milestone represents the beginning of a young person's participation and responsibility in the Jewish community as an adult. On this day the child who has entered fully into the religious heritage of the Jewish people has, for the first time, the privilege of leading the congregation in prayer, of reciting a passage from the Torah and of giving thanks to God for the gift of being a Jew. Remember to savor this important and joyful occasion in your family life.

The Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue staff are here to assist you. We have developed several tools to help you and your family prepare for this momentous life-cycle event. We look forward to working with your family to make this event happy, meaningful and memorable.

For more information about our program, explore this website's B'nei Mitzvah resources or contact the office on 95639208.